Saturday, August 22, 2009

DoPeace and BlogBlast For Peace

Join our Group HERE

Please take a minute and make your peace lovin' voice heard over at DoPeace.
It's a great new networking site for peace activism.
We have a
new group there.
You know I had to.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The first peace globe from The British Virgin Islands

It's an overcast and humid day in Bloggingham. Hot and sticky. What do I find rolling around in the blogosphere this morning? Daisy Girrrl is flying a peace globe all the way from the British Virgin Islands - the first from that country - and with one of my favorite quotes.

It made me smile. I hope it brightens your day as well. Isn't it lovely?
There are less than 90 days left until BlogBlast For Peace. It's happening here, there, and everywhere on November 5, 2009.
Are you ready?

The first peace globe from the British Virgin Islands
Peace Globe #1480 in the gallery.

Get yours here.