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Baby Benji ~ Benji Puchong ~ Selangor, Malaysia ~ Benji is an adorable Golden Retriever with a heart for peace

Baby Owls - Go to Bed Kid! ~What is my obligation as a seeker of peace? writes Chief Mommy Owl

Bad Girl Gone Worse (Sanni's Evil Blogger Twin) ~ Germany

Bad Jokes and Oven Chips ~ Topchamp ~ Glasgow, Scotland and here and November's announcement here. Thank you!

Badness, Scrappy, Tucker & Daisy ~ Furry Logic ~ Four peace-loving cats

The Ballicai: The Ballicus Blog ~ Mao, Brainball, Dora & Marilyn plus Chairman Mao & Sweet Ariel ~ Tennessee ~ quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Returning violence for violence multiples violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. "

Barbara Doduk ~ The Unity Project ~ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (A worldwide collection of Unity photographs submitted from around the world.) and author of The Love Blog ~ I am love, a hopeful human being longing for a world of love for an earth called Unity.

A place where she also flies peace globes.

I love this quote from her site -"The most fundamental question we can ever ask ourselves is whether or not the universe we live in is friendly or hostile" which is placed directly above the peace globe in her sidebar.

Bassett Knitter ~ Paula ~ Illinois ~ Rambling on peace from her speck of the universe

Bazza and Lonesome ~ Normal Life ~ United Kingdom

Becca ~ Becca's Byline ~ Michigan
Grant us peace, in the wide world, and in each of our little worlds

Ben Spark ~ Photographer ~ BenSpark2 Electric Boogaloo ~ Ben's post includes a listen to the music of Dona Nobis Pacem, the traditional Latin arrangement
also on ....The BenSpark

Benjamin The 2nd ~ ??? ~ Does anyone know who this is? It's as lovely globe but I don't know where it came from.

Betty ~ Life In The Fortress ~ What Would Peace Look Like?

Birchsprite ~ An Irish Woman in England ~A Worthwhile Wish!

Bittersweet Coffee ~ Happy Pajimna ~ Philippines ~ "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." Buddha

Blog Surfers Anonymous ~ Rob and Quilly ~ Listen to John Lennon's "Imagine"

Blog That Mommy ~ Neila ~ Kansas City ~Supporting global peace
Peace Out!
BlogBlast For Peace: The Official Site ~ Mimi Lenox ~ United States

BlogTopList ~ Blogs About Peace
Blue Panjeet ~ On The Wings of My Dream ~ Malayasia ~With arms wide open to the world

Bob Glaza ~ One Reader At A Time ~ Spokane, Washington ~ "Today, I feel like letting my Peace Globe fly." Thanks, Bob! A whole lot of folks felt the same way.

Bobbarama ~ San Diego, California ~ Bob tells it like it is...."War is all about heartbreak and loss. Is this the face of war? Or this? Or maybe the face of war is a grief-stricken soldier carrying an innocent dying child in his arms. We’re all part of the collateral damage of war, aren’t we. You. Me. That soldier. That child. No one wins. Everyone loses."

Bobbie ~ Random Thoughts of A Simple Gal ~ Somewhere in LaLa Land, USA ~"Make Love, Not War"

Bobby Griffin ~ Bestest Blog of All Time ~ New Jersey
Boho Rhap ~ Pacific Northwest

Bond ~ The Big Leather Couch ~ Memphis, Tennessee
"Sitting on the Couch for Peace" June 6, 2007 writes "We need to stay strong, but we also need to find a wayto bring the young men and women fightingthis war back to their loved ones.We need to work together to find solutions" and sings Cat Stevens "Cause out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this country, come take me home again"
Bond's couch is a place of music - and peace.

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat ~ Purrs For Peace ~ Madison, Wisconsin
Two groovy cats celebrating peace

Bonnie ~ Creating Peace ~
What we focus on and notice, we create. I think if we focus on peace, ultimately
we might just create a peaceful world.
Book-A-Rama ~ The Maritimes ~ Canada

The Bowens ~ Montgomery, Alabama ~ Quoting John Denver: " Yes there still is time to turn around and make all hatred cease. Let's give another name to living and we can call it peace."

Brad ~ Southern Expressions ~ Memphis, Tennessee

Brenda ~ The Passing Stranger ~ Northern Alberta, Canada
...But I also believe that Peace is not a luxury. It is a necessity. We will not survive without it
And in June 2007 with an original poem " The War Queen III....are we lostand widow-damned...sing the dead to sleepwho no more raise the sun among uswho no more lay the stars to rest"....Brenda Gerritsma

The Brewer Family ~ And Miles To Go Before We Sleep ~ Arizona ~ June 6, 2007
Brother's Wishlist ~ South Africa

Bud's WTIT Tape Radio ~ November 7, 2006 "...I wrote her recently that this may be the most important thing that she, and through her we, ever did."
November 8, 2007 The Next Day
" I was there when we marched in hundreds of thousands for peace in Washington.
I was there when Abbie Hoffman addressed 50,000 of us in Boston on the Boston Common.I was in college when four students were shot down during a peace rally at Kent State."
Bud ~ WTIT Tape Radio ~ Christmas 2006 ~ New England
June 2007 ~ A DJ's Top 10 Peace Songs by Bud Weiser
Peace Globe Warming ~
"When I normally talk peace, I tend to frame the discussion in the context of our United States and whatever current conflict in which we are involved.Then I went to Mimi’s site and saw this photo collage of conflicts all over the world. It gave me renewed perspective. Yesterday as I read the current list of people in so many states, so many countries, involved in the Peace Globe movement. I was very moved."

Bulgarian Blog ~ Filip

Butchy and Snickers ~ Iowa ~ 2 wild and wooly Wire Fox Terriers ~

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