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Capt. Caveman ~ Nova Scotia
Caspermom ~ Red Bluff, Northern California

Cat Banter with Kimo and Sabi (including Studio Susie) ~ California consultants (psss.....they're cats)
June 6, 2007 post

The Cat Blogosphere
Did you know they have a whole universe all to themselves? Click Here and Here for 2006 cat posts. They are amazing. See the globe for June 2007 with gazillions of cats all in a ball on a ball - know what I mean.
Toosday Noos " cats haf already surprized Miss Mimi cause we’s a force in tha blogosphere, come on, effuryone get a peace globe.
April 21, 2007 in The Caturday Saturday Noos
March 22, 2007 Thursday Noos "Mimi be haffing anufer BlogBlast in June."
March 13, 2007 Toosday Noos March 10, 2007 Saturday Noos "okay, cats, we’s mobilized ‘n reddy… get in touch wif Mimi todays…"
I told you they were a force to be reckoned with!

Cathy's Rants and Ramblings ~ An Irish redhead somewhere in the United States ~ Today, I join many others in the blogosphere wishing world peace for all.
Cathy's Rants and Ramblings ~ Christmas 2006 post for peace

Cats, Goats and Quotes ~ Bobbie and Bunch ~Conyers, Georgia ~
"Until he extends the circle of hiscompassion to all living things,man will not himself find peace" ~-- Albert Schweitzer --

Chana's Go Forth And... ~ Alberta, Canada ~
quoting John Denver..Yes there still is the time to turn around and make all hatred cease and give another name to living and we can call it peace
Charlie! ~ Oregon ~ A Golden Retriever blogs for peace

Cheysuli ~ A Siamese Cat
Take a nap. Meditate on peace. Think about it. If you visualize peace, you will find it-probably. If you have trouble, then maybe you need to work on what’s inside you. If you don’t have peace inside, then you can’t very well find peace in the world. Be a cat for the day–let go of attatchment. Let life flow. Stop worrying about controlling things. Just lay back and say “FEED ME ALREADY!!!!”
You might be surprised at the morsels the universe drops in your mouth."
My favorite quote from Cheysuli "As a presidential candidate, I am a strong proponent of peace. I feel that naps are far more important than war and any war that disrupts naptime is completely without merit." (May, 2007)
June 6, 2007 peace post ".......At the basest level, we are all alike. The way we seek out these things and the exact things that cause either love or sufering are different for each of us. When we can understand and respect that diversity we can have peace."
I'd say Cheysuli is a pretty smart cat. He gets my vote!
Oh, I forgot to tell you. He's running for President.

China Cat's Blog ~ Sunflower ~ St. Louis, MO ~

Chris Campa ~ The Ordinary Mystic ~ California ~ "Peace is here if we believe it. Believe with us."

Christian Golczynski - The picture on the globe is of this little boy accepting a United States flag at his father's funeral May, 2007 - Christian's father was killed in Iraq - He was honored as Peace Blogger of the day May 5, 2007.

Christine: Epiphany Sanctuary ~ Cincinnati, Ohio
I pray for peace. And more peacefulness on June 6, 2007 with a gorgeous rainbow peace globe symbolizing a promise. Her sister site, Christine of Epiphany, is equally stunning. Click to see another rainbow!
Claire Rachael Pitt ~ A Little Piece of Me ~ United Kingdom ~
Coffee2Go ~ Sanni ~ Germany ~ and here
Comedy Plus ~ Sandee ~ California

Comrade Kevin ~ Commies with Credit Cards ~ Montana
It is my fervent hope, however, that the civilizations of man have progressed. That ultimately, if we are to continue to exist we can move forward to some greater existence barely fathomed by you or me.
Countries and Cities ~ Waterloo, Belgium ~ Gattina

Country Dew ~ Blue Country Magic ~ Virginia
It seems to me that peace must start within each of us, within our own souls. We alone can find the solitude and quiet we must nurture within, for hearts at peace do not find ways to force suffering upon others.
April 21, 2007 post about the Virginia Tech tragedy and peace globes
Friday, October 12, 2007 "...It's nice to feel like you're part of something for awhile. November 7,2007 ..."by the way, is the day after election day in the United States. Everyone please vote on November 6, even if you think it is a waste of time"
Cozy Reader ~ North Georgia
Crazy Working Mom ~ Arkansas ~ Tish

Critique My Blog ~ Billy Mac ~ Pennsylvania
The "Blogosphere" ..It's a thing that has evolved into a network that is 70 million strong and growing leaps and bounds. It can be used for good and bad. I think we should channel it for good.
Crooked Eyebrow

CS ~ Another Tangential Thinker ~ Appalachia USA ~ who writes....
"Will it make even the tiniest difference? I don't know. Maybe one person will see the peaceful demonstration and think for a moment about the insanity of continuing to manufacture WMDs. Just one. So it is with these globes. Maybe one person who hasn't thought much about it will see one globe and start to reconsider the state of the world. Just one. Good enough for me. "One love, one heart" (Bob Marley). One world.
Curryegg ~Malaysia
Cyclone Cats ~ Iowa

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