Monday, February 18, 2008


DK & F's Secret Paws ~ San Francisco, California

Dayngrous Discourse ~ Florida

Darling Millie ~ New Hampshire
Daisy The Curly Cat ~ Parkland, Florida
Dating Profile Of The Day ~ Mimi Lenox ~ United States

Delta Bunny ~ California

Derby, The Sassy Cat ~ Wisconsin

Design Bliss ~ Florida ~ Thanks for promoting!

Diary Of A Heretic ~ Kathleen Maher ~ New York

Diva Kitty and The Fluffies ~ San Francisco, California
Dixie's Heart and Soul ~ Tennessee
Matt The Marine ~ Parris Island, SC (Dixie's son)

Diurnata ~ Suz ~United Kingdom

Doctor Anonymous ~ Ohio ~ June post
The Mimi Lenox Interview promo October 25, 2007 and The BlogTalk Radio show hear it here! The Doctor Anonymous Show ~ BlogBlast For Peace 10/25/07­10/mimi-lenox-­interview.html­10/mimi-live-­tonight-on-dr-show.­html­10/dashing-md-­interview.html

Dona Nobis Pacem: The Peace Globe Posts ~ Mimi Lenox

Dog's Eye View~ L Squared ~ Kansas

Drawing On Words ~ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Duward Discussion ~ Tacoma, Washington

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