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Scroll down to the next post for my Dona Nobis Pacem post for BlogBlast 2007. Happy BlogBlast For Peace Day!

Original posts from November 2006
Christmas Eve, 2006 ~ June 6, 2007 and November 7, 2007
With an inspiring phrase from each post

honored with a peace globe by SGT DUB

Finnegan and Buddy ~ Durham, North Carolina
"If there were to be a universal sound depicting peace, I would surely vote for the purr" is the sentiment written on their gorgeous June 6, 2007 peace globe.

42 by CableGirl~ Quoting Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" ~ She writes this on her June 6, 2007 peace globe "Peace is a choice each one of us makes. Give the next generation the chance to live freely and peacefully. It's never too late."

A Voice To Be Heard (Heavenly Voice ) ~ Rosemarie ~ Arizona ~proudly flying the blog banner June 2006 BlogBlast **
About.Blank (Twitter) October 14, 2007 annn0uncement for November ~ The slide album was posted along with a reference to Blog Action Day
Airhead 55 ~ Ralph ~ Connecticut ~ "Til He returns" spins Ralph's June 6, 2007 peace globe

Akelamalu ~ Everything and Nothing ~ United Kingdom ~ A beautiful blogger from Lancashire~ She quotes Buddha, The Dalai Lama, Einstein, Gandhi, William Gladstone, John Lennon and Lao Tzu ....."If there is to be peace in the world, There must be peace in the nations.If there is to be peace in the nations, There must be peace in the cities.If there is to be peace in the cities, There must be peace between neighbors.If there is to be peace between neighbors, There must be peace in the home.If there is to be peace in the home, There must be peace in the heart."

Andrena ~ Getting a Grip on Grace ~ A pastor in Philadephia. She writes "Peace is allowing others to be who they are, as God created them... What a beautiful concept." Read this lovely article written for this day when she asked her young son the question "What does peace mean to you?" She writes - among other things -"a world with war and without having that split second of fear whenever we hear a plane flying too low, my son still looks at me out the corner of his eye to see if I react to planes in the sky.
We are from New York."
In June, 2007 Andrena starts off with a Peace Blast and ends with A MidSummers' Day Peace in which she led her congregation in a demonstration for inner city peace. See the moving video on her site.

Angel Mama ~ Pearls of Wisdom ~ Illinois ~ A place for prayer and peace

Angeldust ~ Artist who created the Peace Dove watercolor ~White Rock, British Columbia CA ~

Angell'z Secretz ~ Toronto, Canada ~ "There is no way to peace. Peace is the way" ~ A. J. Muste

Anita Havel ~ Snapshots of Life ~ Alabama ~ She writes "Dona Nobis Pacem - Give Us Peace. It's an interesting concept, isn't it? That people have the power to promote peace. That individuals, coming together as a unified voice, can bring about peace on earth. Is it possible? I like to think so." and includes this famous quote "I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.
-Dwight D. Eisenhower - 34th president of US 1953-1961 (1890 - 1969) ~

AnitoKid Chronikos ~ Philippines ~ "And I kid you not!"

Anndi's Luggage ~ Somewhere near Montreal, Quebec, Canada ~ who reminds us "....World peace... Folks, work on creating peace in your homes, in your circle of friends, in your relationship with your mate. Small gestures have great impact...Be honest, respectful, because "peace is every step".... June 6, 2007

Annelisa ~ Words That Flow ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom ~ I call her my friend from across the pond
~ Thinking of Earth, Space and big things.
Dream of Tranquility
Grant Us Peace (A Poem by Annelisa) for the first Dona Nobis Pacem
February 2, 2007 "Earth Cry from Mimi" poem. I am so honored.
Annelisa created tutorials for us! How To Make Your Own Peace Globe ~
Putting Your Peace Globe in the Sidebar from How to Link and Other Stuff ~
How To Do Your Peace Globe
Annelisa and Julia - June 2007 - Baring It All for Cancer Research ~ Annelisa's best friend, Julia, lost her battle with cancer on June. Her birthday fell on BlogBlast for Peace Day. This globe is in honor of Julia and their special friendship.
Calling USA For Peace ~ Post Peace (June 9, 2007) ~ from her blog Sultana Fling ~ Heroines and Heroes - her tributes to bloggers site ~
Poetry from Words That Flow ~ "Peace For Children In Our Time" (Needs The Blessing of Our Love) was written for the June BlogBlast event ~ My favorite line..."Combine Rainbows fashioned from Richest aspirations
To form a hope-storm,
Lighting hearts and souls
In multi-coloured Offering to nations...."
October 7, 2007 "Decorate and declare your desire for peace."

Anyhow Blogs ~ Singapore ~Proudly representing his country

Aquarius ~ A Pity I'm An Aquarius ~ New York ~ an intriguing and mysterious globe shouting from branches and moonlight "Grant us Peace"

Artemis ~ The Thoughts of Artemis ~ Midwest USA writes..."and peace to all mankind"

Artsty Catsy ~ Indiana ~ "What are the chances of a cat starting a nuclear war? Pretty negligible. It's not that they can't; they just know that there are much better things to do with one's time. Like lie in the sun and sleep. Or go exploring the world." ~~ Unknown

Asara's Mental Meanderings ~ Michigan ~Peace on Earth

Avacado Express ~ Everything and then some....Quezon City, Philippines ~ All You Need Is Love and tells a fine story of a snowflake, a mouse and a dove......"Perhaps there's only one person's voice lacking for peace to come to the world."

Baby Owls - Go to Bed Kid! ~What is my obligation as a seeker of peace? writes Chief Mommy Owl

Badness, Scrappy, Tucker & Daisy ~ Furry Logic ~ Four peace-loving cats

The Ballicai: The Ballicus Blog ~ Mao, Brainball, Dora & Marilyn plus Chairman Mao & Sweet Ariel ~ Tennessee ~ quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Returning violence for violence multiples violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. "

Barbara Doduk ~ The Unity Project ~ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (A worldwide collection of Unity photographs submitted from around the world.) and author of The Love Blog ~ I am love, a hopeful human being longing for a world of love for an earth called Unity.
A place where she also flies peace globes.
I love this quote from her site -"The most fundamental question we can ever ask ourselves is whether or not the universe we live in is friendly or hostile" which is placed directly above the peace globe in her sidebar.

Bassett Knitter ~ Paula ~ Illinois ~ Rambling on peace from her speck of the universe

Bazza and Lonesome ~ Normal Life ~ United Kingdom

Becca ~ Becca's Byline ~ Michigan
Grant us peace, in the wide world, and in each of our little worlds...

Betty ~ Life In The Fortress ~ What Would Peace Look Like?

Birchsprite ~ An Irish Woman in England ~A Worthwhile Wish!

Blog Surfers Anonymous ~ Rob and Quilly ~ Listen to John Lennon's YouTube "Imagine"

Blog That Mommy ~ Neila ~ Kansas City ~Supporting global peace
BlogBlast For Peace: The Official Site ~ Mimi Lenox ~ United States

BlogTopList ~ Blogs About Peace

Bobby Griffin ~ Bestest Blog of All Time ~ New Jersey

Bond ~ The Big Leather Couch ~ Memphis, Tennessee
Bond ~ The Big Leather Couch ~ Memphis, Tennessee
"Sitting on the Couch for Peace" June 6, 2007 writes "We need to stay strong, but we also need to find a wayto bring the young men and women fightingthis war back to their loved ones.We need to work together to find solutions" and sings Cat Stevens "Cause out on the edge of darkness, there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this country, come take me home again"
Bond's couch is a place of music - and peace.

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat ~ Purrs For Peace ~ Madison, Wisconsin

Bonnie ~ Creating Peace ~
What we focus on and notice, we create. I think if we focus on peace, ultimately we might just create a peaceful world.

Brad ~ Southern Expressions ~ Memphis, Tennessee

Brenda ~ The Passing Stranger ~ Northern Alberta, Canada
...But I also believe that Peace is not a luxury. It is a necessity. We will not survive without it.
The Brewer Family ~ And Miles To Go Before We Sleep ~ Arizona ~ June 6, 2007

Bud ~ WTIT Tape Radio ~ Christmas 2006 ~ New England

Bud's WTIT Tape Radio ~ November 7, 2006 "...I wrote her recently that this may be the most important thing that she, and through her we, ever did."
November 8, 2007
The Next Day
" I was there when we marched in hundreds of thousands for peace in Washington.
I was there when Abbie Hoffman addressed 50,000 of us in Boston on the Boston Common.I was in college when four students were shot down during a peace rally at Kent State."
Bud ~ WTIT Tape Radio ~ Christmas 2006 ~ New England
June 2007 ~ A DJ's Top 10 Peace Songs by Bud Weiser
Peace Globe Warming ~
"When I normally talk peace, I tend to frame the discussion in the context of our United States and whatever current conflict in which we are involved.Then I went to Mimi’s site and saw this photo collage of conflicts all over the world. It gave me renewed perspective. Yesterday as I read the current list of people in so many states, so many countries, involved in the Peace Globe movement. I was very moved."

Bulgarian Blog ~ Filip

Butchy and Snickers ~ Iowa ~ 2 wild and wooly Wire Fox Terriers ~

Capt. Caveman ~ Nova Scotia

Cat Banter with Kimo and Sabi (including Studio Susie) ~ California consultants (psss.....they're cats)

The Cat Blogosphere
Did you know they have a whole universe all to themselves? Click Here and Here for 2006 cat posts. They are amazing. See the globe for June 2007 with gazillions of cats all in a ball on a ball - know what I mean.
Toosday Noos " cats haf already surprized Miss Mimi cause we’s a force in tha blogosphere, come on, effuryone get a peace globe.
April 21, 2007 in The Caturday Saturday Noos
March 22, 2007 Thursday Noos "Mimi be haffing anufer BlogBlast in June."
March 13, 2007 Toosday Noos March 10, 2007 Saturday Noos "okay, cats, we’s mobilized ‘n reddy… get in touch wif Mimi todays…"
I told you they were a force to be reckoned with!

Cathy's Rants and Ramblings ~ An Irish redhead somewhere in the United States ~ Today, I join many others in the blogosphere wishing world peace for all.
Cathy's Rants and Ramblings ~ Christmas 2006 post for peace

Cats, Goats and Quotes ~ Bobbie and Bunch ~Conyers, Georgia ~
"Until he extends the circle of hiscompassion to all living things,man will not himself find peace" ~-- Albert Schweitzer --

Chana's Go Forth And... ~ Alberta, Canada ~
quoting John Denver..Yes there still is the time to turn around and make all hatred cease and give another name to living and we can call it peace

Cheysuli ~ A Siamese Cat
Take a nap. Meditate on peace. Think about it. If you visualize peace, you will find it-probably. If you have trouble, then maybe you need to work on what’s inside you. If you don’t have peace inside, then you can’t very well find peace in the world. Be a cat for the day–let go of attatchment. Let life flow. Stop worrying about controlling things. Just lay back and say “FEED ME ALREADY!!!!”
You might be surprised at the morsels the universe drops in your mouth."
My favorite quote from Cheysuli "As a presidential candidate, I am a strong proponent of peace. I feel that naps are far more important than war and any war that disrupts naptime is completely without merit." (May, 2007)
June 6, 2007 peace post ".......At the basest level, we are all alike. The way we seek out these things and the exact things that cause either love or sufering are different for each of us. When we can understand and respect that diversity we can have peace."
I'd say Cheysuli is a pretty smart cat. He gets my vote!
Oh, I forgot to tell you. He's running for President.

China Cat's Blog ~ Sunflower ~ St. Louis, MO ~

Chris Campa ~ The Ordinary Mystic ~ California ~ "Peace is here if we believe it. Believe with us."

Christian Golczynski - The picture on the globe is of this little boy accepting a United States flag at his father's funeral May, 2007 - Christian's father was killed in Iraq - He was honored as Peace Blogger of the day May 5, 2007.

Christine: Epiphany Sanctuary ~ Cincinnati, Ohio
I pray for peace. And more peacefulness on June 6, 2007 with a gorgeous rainbow peace globe symbolizing a promise. Her sister site, Christine of Epiphany, is equally stunning. Click to see another rainbow!
Claire Rachael Pitt ~ A Little Piece of Me ~ United Kingdom ~

Comrade Kevin ~ Commies with Credit Cards ~ Montana
It is my fervent hope, however, that the civilizations of man have progressed. That ultimately, if we are to continue to exist we can move forward to some greater existence barely fathomed by you or me.

Country Dew ~ Blue Country Magic ~ Virginia
It seems to me that peace must start within each of us, within our own souls. We alone can find the solitude and quiet we must nurture within, for hearts at peace do not find ways to force suffering upon others.
April 21, 2007 post about the Virginia Tech tragedy and peace globes
Friday, October 12, 2007 "...It's nice to feel like you're part of something for awhile. November 7,2007 ..."by the way, is the day after election day in the United States. Everyone please vote on November 6, even if you think it is a waste of time"

Critique My Blog ~ Billy Mac ~ Pennsylvania
The "Blogosphere" ..It's a thing that has evolved into a network that is 70 million strong and growing leaps and bounds. It can be used for good and bad. I think we should channel it for good.

CS ~ Another Tangential Thinker ~ Appalachia USA ~ who writes....
"Will it make even the tiniest difference? I don't know. Maybe one person will see the peaceful demonstration and think for a moment about the insanity of continuing to manufacture WMDs. Just one. So it is with these globes. Maybe one person who hasn't thought much about it will see one globe and start to reconsider the state of the world. Just one. Good enough for me. "One love, one heart" (Bob Marley). One world.

Daisy Mae Maus and The Feline Americans ~ San Diego, California ~ Pets For Peace 2006

Daphne and Chloe: Purrchance to Dream and Merlin and Daphne too! ~ Michigan
Dating Profile of The Day ~ Mimi Lenox ~ United States

Chloe, Daphne, Jazper & Spooker ~ Purrchance to Dream ~ Michigan ~Get Your Globe On! Peace Out, Kitties **
Derek ~ Blogacide ~ Cleveland, Ohio
Peace Be With You
Design Bliss ~ Florida ~ Thanks for promoting~

Diana ~ All Things True To Me ~ Joisy, USA ~ Paz en el mundo, Paz en mi Corazon
Dixie's Heart and Soul Deep in The Heart of Dixie ~ Tennessee
To reach peace, teach peace. Pope John Paul II

Dr. Anonymous ~ The Official Unofficial Site of Bloggers Anonymous ~ Midwest
Peace on's idealistic, but it's an idea of hope - In a world that needs all the hope that it can grasp. And again promoting peace for the next Blogblast he wrote " I don't think anyone really knew the impact this movement would have until, on that day, you just kept clicking and clicking, and saw globe after globe after globe. I was quite moved by that day." Read more here.
Dr. Anonymous interviewed Mimi Lenox about the upcoming BlogBlast For Peace on October 25, 2007. Read The Mimi Lenox Interview. She was a guest on his BlogTalk Radio show The Doctor Anonymous Show. Stay tuned for the audio! Thanks, Doctor, for your support.

Dr. Benton Quest ~ Midwest
Dr. John's Fortress ~ Crystal Falls, Michigan
The Peace of God: May God's peace fill your life.

Dragonheart's Domain ~ Munich, Germany
My human dad is an army officer in the Canadian Forces. So my wish for peace this Christmas is for all the Canadian Forces personnel stationed overseas, and all the other military personnel deployed on missions around the globe, to come home safely to their families. We hope that they, and their families, have a peaceful Christmas and that they will be reunited soon.

Eclair the Cat: Eclair's Exciting Escapades ~ Torrinon, CT
Peece on Urth......Evfun tho we dont all selibrate krismus, this time of yeer shood be wun of peece and luv and hope fer a bettur noo yeer

Edsel the Pooch: Edsel and Susan ~ Berkley, Michigan ~
Grant Us Peace

Elaine aka India The Hippie Chick ~ South By West ~ New Mexico
Inside our hearts these Peace Globes seem to have taken up permanent residence. I know I didn't want to let mine go. Many wishes for blessings and joy both in the blogosphere and upon our planet.
Elaine...."When I contemplate peace, I visualize men and women, no matter what race, religion or country, reaching out to one another in recognition that we truly are "one," with the realization that what happens to someone far across the globe is no less important that what happens to our next door neighbor...."
Elspeth ~ Now Is Wow ~ Trinidad Tobago
Dona Nobis Pacem has far reaching and powerful symbolic intentions. This world could do with a lot more Pacem!
Elspeth ~ One Blog Leads to Another

Emma's Kat ~ A Blog For Emma ~ Virginia
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." Jimi Hendix as quoted in Emma's June 2007 Blogblast post by Emma & Crew**

Empress Bee of the High Sea ~Muffin53 ~West Palm Beach, Florida
Wife of Sarge Charlie writes, "Grant us peace
and keep our troops strong
and safe so that we may be the same."

Epiphany Alone ~ New Jersey
When I was a little girl, there was a commercial that Coca Cola made with a lot of arm-linked people singing together:
I'd like to teach the world to singin perfect harmonyIt demonstrates that no matter where we live, or the circumstances of our lives, we are all the same.
Reflecting On Reverence. "You may say I'm a dreamer....." *

Faith ~ City Lights ~ New York City
When I read of the idea she had to bring some peace to the world, I couldn't help but smile a little. I guess this world isn't so bad after all..

Filip ~ Friends.BG ~ Bulgaria
7 ноември ще бъде първият Blogblast for Peace ден! Този проект е започнат от Мими Ленокс и има една единствена цел: на 7 ноември да бъде публикувана една картинка (която съм качил тук) във всеки блог по света. Тя трябва да бъде подписана от авторите на блогове и по този начин на уречената дата всеки, който прелиства блоговете или търси нещо конкретно ще се сблъсква с тази картинка. И когато я видиш в пет блога последователно ще се замислиш, поне за малко. Надявам се това начинание да успее и ако сега не се получи замисъла, то догодина да стане. Посетете блога на Мими и се включете!Dona Nobis Pacem: Grant me Peace!

Finnegan and Buddy ~ 2 Carolina Cats sing Lennon
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace
You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Frank Sirianni ~ Curator of the Peace Globe Gallery
Foxxfyrre's Black and White Art Blog ~ Grand Prairie Alberta, Canada and READ HERE and He's At It AGAIN!
Pictures Speak Louder ~ an album full of Peace Globes with John Lennnon's "Imagine" as background music. One globe today with a simple, yet beautiful inscription leads to---two rifles not shot tomorrow and leads to--three land mines not buried next week and leads to-- four tanks not deployed and leads to-- five helicopters grounded... One Globe graffic with a beautiful inscription can do this, for it has momentum......Yes, Mimi and I are Dreamers. We know now we're not alone. Beautiful Globes are spinning 'round us. Let us bring this message Home.
Also read Little Tommy Tailor - a story written by Frank dedicated to Dona Nobis Pacem

Gabrielle ~ A Metamorphosis ~ From Indonesia with Love

Gemini and Georgia ~ Gemini's Adventures ~ This peace-blogging cat wrote "I wish e-furryone a good day, a peaceful day. Here is a wonderful quote from the Dalai Lama: Peaceful living is about trusting those on whom we depend and caring for those who depend upon us."

Gale Martin ~ Gemosophy ~ Prayers For Peace ~ Pennsylvania ~
An amazing post with Peace on Earth written in 24 languages
On this day, November 7, 2006, I will make peace with my "enemies" and strive to feel peace in my heart and at peace with myself.

Gattina Travels ~ Belgium ~ Countries and Cities and Topics from 192 Countries

Giggles ~ Happy Tiler ~ an incredible artist from British Columbia had an awesome musical premonition about the Peace Globe project. Her post entitled Peace Globe Day! Let It Begin With Me! is inspiring. We are indeed kindred spirits on the subject of peace.

Grandma Cat Robyn (House of the Mostly Black Cats)

Grr...Midnight and Cocoa ~ California ~Celebrating Peace Day 2006 with purrs and purrayers for peace

Herding the Flock ~ Texas ~ A busy mother in Texas finds time to make beautiful peace globes and blog for peace. Go, Mom.

Iamnasra ~ A Window Within Myself ~ Oman ~Where is Peace on Earth?...Here where peace lives. From her peace poem called Search For God -
O God…Do you feel like crying…Or raging towards our destruction…What had happened to us

Ian Healy~ EDOG'S Everything Page ~ Denver, Colorado ~ This is my Peace Globe. It's my little part of a blog revolution hoping for world peace.

IKOT aka Foxy Stone~ Lone Wolf In the Highlands ~ Pennsylvania

Irene Tuazon ~ Pregnant Pauses ~ Philippines ~ "We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace. "~William Ewart Gladstone and 16 additional inspiring quotes on peace.

Jack Leyhane ~ For What It's Worth ~ Chicago, Illinois ~People of good will can disagree on how true peace may best be achieved, but can people of good will ever doubt that peace must be our ultimate goal

Jack of All Shades and Shadows aka One-Eyed Jack~ Northern Alberta, Canada ~ I want peace too. I especially want peace with Grumpybutt ‘cause then I can snuggle with him, but I want peace everywhere else too!....So I think the humans should stop trying to shoot each other and blow each other up and be peaceful. Oh, and get a kitty to love, because then they'll be happier and maybe not want to fight so much.

Jake and Bathsheba ~ Virginia ~ Those wonderful bloggin' cats for peace

Janna (Jannaverse) One More Raindrop in a Bloggy Ocean

Jason ~ Xenogere ~Cats rule on Peace Day!

Jessie and Dee ~ Who Are We and Hunna's Happenings ~ Kansas City ~ "Hunna wants peace....Do you?"

Jeter Harris ~ New York (noo york) ..."world peace iz a verree good idea. frum yer frend--jh"

Julie ~ Flip This Body ~ Chicago, Illinois ~ Be kind to each other. Pay it forward. Practice peace in your daily life and help others to obtain peace, in your own community and in other worlds.

Juniorbabee ~ Salt Lake City, Utah ~ Peace for me is a catnip mouse, a comfy bed, stinky goodness and my Meowm loving me.

Kamsin ~ Fearfully Made ~ Sarajevo ~ Peace is more than just the abscence of war.

Kat's Journey to Success ~ The Power of Numbers ~Ohio ~ It's time for us to ask our world leaders to put down their weapons and bombs, and with the power of our numbers and our minds, to do what we've been admonishing our two year olds to do for centuries: "Use Your Words!"
Kat's Cat of the Day ~ Emma's Kats ~ Virginia ~ This was on my Starbucks cup this morning: The world is smaller than you think, and the people on it are more
beautiful than you think. --Bertram

Kat's Random Thoughts ~ "Dear World Leaders....she writes, We live in a technologically advanced, enlightened world, fully equipped to rationally discuss problems and achieve rational compromises. Grant Us Peace and try this ancient method of conflict resolution, talking. Order your troops to put down their weapons, and all you decision makers pull up an over stuffed chair, put a cat on your knee to pet then listen and talk until you come up with solutions that don’t involve killing our children and wasting our money. Grant Us Peace."

Kaze the Cat ~ New Jersey ~ Likes playing, snuggling, food and world peace

Kiyotoe The Dragon:050376 ~Atlanta, New Jersey ~ a self-professed cynic writes, "Can one person change the world? Absolutely. I know it's not a cynical answer but I believe it's possible if that one person is able to touch just one other person who in turn touches someone else and so on and so on. Eventually we should all get the picture right? So even cynics can be moved to show optimism......One person at a time, one blogger at a time, bringing their share of PEACE to the world. And that's the best a cynic like me can hope for.

Kris ~ Casting-On ~ Peace. Unity. Be.

Kyels ~ Laments of a Brokenhearted Silhouette ~
For Love and Peace...."Standing alone, with arms crossed over your chests, and doing nothing will not grant peace to the world. Everyone has to link hands, like a human chain, and gear towards the realization of peace that almost everyone is dreaming for."

Lance Riley ~ Solitary Views ~ Grand Prairie, Alberta Canada Did You Miss Me? * and New Peace Globes show*

Latte The Meezer ~ New Jersey ~ a Cat blogging for peace

Laura ~The Bronzed Shoe Archives ~ Notre Dame, Indiana ~"I believe that we are called now, at this moment, to "be the change we wish to see in the world" (Gandhi).To be honest, it petrifies me, because I am admitting that I hold a lot more responsibility for peace in the world than I thought I had before. It's easy to look at major international issues and wish for peace; it's another thing entirely to understand that the way to peace on a large scale is establishing peace in my own life.

Laura ~ Fungi Thinking ~ Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom ~This is for EVERYONE. Let there be no them and US.

Laura Burke ~ Wherabouts.blogster ~ Chicago, Illinois ~ A commenter writes,"Wouldn't such a day interfere with the war?" NOW they get it.

Levi - King of Ramble - United Kingdom

Lexa Rosean~ Sejant Before the Muse ~NYC ~ Vote For Peace

Libby Marie Riley The Cat ~ Libby's Blog ~ Wellstone, Ohio

Lifecruiser ~ Sweden ~ Thirteen Peace Giving Words ~ by Captain Peace Lifecruiser

Liz, Chris and Jasper ~ Maryland ~

~ I Am Woman, See Me Blog! ~ Philippines ~ "....having a dream is good. And making a dream come true isn't often done in a singular grand motion. Little steps...they're the ones that lead us closer to realizing a dream." ....thinking about peace, believing in its possibility, can spur a person to hope, and to do his or her small part to make their corner of the world a more peaceful place to live. To take the focus away from war, hunger, child abuse, etc., and bring it back to the beauty that surrounds us all
Lizza ~ BlogWorld announcement and Dona Nobis Pacem Reprised: Christmas Eve 2006
Lizza ~ Blogworld Saturday for Peace" ~ June 2, 2007 ~ If you're the type of person who gets his (or her) jollies from making other people miserable, go away. If, however, you're someone who believes war, strife and turmoil are overrated -- in other words, if you advocate peace -- why not sign a Peace Globe to express it?.........Oh, sowers of misery? On second thought, don't go away. Blog Blast for Peace is for you, too."

Luxor The Whitest of Cats ~New Mexico ~ On this special day, it is my dearest hope that every animal and human being here on earth will always have enough to eat and drink, a warm place to curl up and nap, someone to love ...

Luxor - A White Cat ~ went 3D with his peace globe and hosted a voting frenzy in the cat blogosphere to see which globe represents the best. I'm sure they were all gorgeous (Luxor is of aristocratic lineage you know...) but the globe chosen was spectacular. Have a look in his 2007 post "Working on My Peace Globe."

M. Shahin ~ Gently Into the Night ~ An American Muslim woman ~"O humankind! We created you from a single (pair) of male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know and cooperate with one another."
- (Quran 49:13)
I will not dance to your war drum. I will not lend my soul nor my bones to your war drum. I will not dance to your beating. I know that beat. It is lifeless.

Madd ~ Maddspace Madisms ~ With wonderful quotes from famous astronauts like this one: "The first day or so we all pointed to our countries. The third or fourth day we were pointing to our continents. By the fifth day, we were aware of only one Earth." — Sultan bin Salman Al-Saud
Madd - Maddspace - What Is an American? Here Is One Man's Thoughts - June 2007

Martina ~ Kassel, Germany ~ Sternenwirbel

Matt-Man ~ Bagwine Ruminations ~ Ohio ~ Make Love, Not War!

Mattingly and Harlie ~ New York City ~ Two kitties with a lot o love to give.

Max and Buddha: The Psychokitty Speaks Out

MeeAugraphie ~ Tumbled Words ~ Pacific Northwest United States ~ In her post Tuesday Tumble: Heading Toward Peace she writes, "We have been dared to share the dream for peace.If each blogger that believes in kindness to other human beings, in acceptance of differences, in dreams, flies the globe and posts - even a few words - on June 6, definable progress toward peace will be evident even to the naysayers and head shakers - because peaceful words and thoughts are one giant leap - and bloggers are world wide and the sheer number of us is too large to ignore."

Meezer Tails ~ Siamese cats Sammy and Miles ~ Rochester, NY

Meloncutter Musings ~ United States

Merlin ~ Merlin's Meows (and Dobby too) ~ Memphis, TN ~Efurrycat and efurrybean in the whole wide world should be able to sleep without worryin'

Midlife Virgin ~ Diary of a Midlife Crisis ~ Los Angeles, CA

Milk and Two Sugars ~ Tea At Ten ~ Australia ~ Let us consider where we have power to make peace.

Millie ~ Darling Millie ~ A cat from New Hampshire

Mimi Lenox ~ Mimi Writes~ United States ~ Papa's Marbles ~ I got the surprise of my life on the Eve of Dona Nobis Pacem - One small blue marble that looked like a globe.
The Official Site: BlogBlast For Peace

Missouri Meowers ~ xing lu, nels, nitro, ed dona nobis pacem--efurry day ~we wish all the human beans in the world and all the 4-legged, 2-legged, winged, crawling, and swimming peoples would get together and make this world work like it is supposed to. that would truly be peace. peace is the only thing that will let efurry kitty live nine lives of comfort, safety, warmth, and contentment, with plenty of food and clean water. and if that's what kitties should have, isn't it just what efurryone else in the world should have, too? peace can give that to us. give us peace
...and this dated May 25, 2007 "we may be kitties, but we have portant things to say--so let's let the ofurr bloggers know we're NOT just pretty faces!" I just love that crazy cat talk.

Missy, KC and Bear ~ Cats from Texas who blogged for peace at Christmas as well!

Mom Unplugged ~ Arizona ~ Unplug Your Kids ~ On a mission to mobilize the kids! ** She writes, "I like this idea because it simply involves the idea of getting together for peace, regardless of political and religious affiliations, or even nationality. It is a positive statement rather than a negative, reactionary one. Obsidian Kitten has a wonderful post ...... about the power of positive energy.

Morgen ~ It's a Blog Eat Blog World ~Michigan ~"Yesterday, I saw over 100 peace globes. Not that there was a contest....."....Every blog in every nation needs to have this up on Peace Day. ~ November, 2006
Morgen contributed these posts: Peace Bloggers, Blurfin' For Peace, Peace Be With You, Give Peace a Chance, Let There Be Peace on Earth
Morgen ~ June, 2007 ~ It's a Blog Eat Blog World ~ Morgen's blog becomes a blogtastic statement for peace with an awesome design/layout and logo. His entire site screams peace globes. Here are the posts that Morgen made for peace in the June, 2007 blogblast. ~ Blogging For Peace
Another Manic Monday Theme: Peace ~ As creator and the brains behind the popular Manic Monday meme, Morgen dedicates a week's worth of stories to the peace effort. (complete with 17 definitions for the word "peace") Mo! We are in awe of your dedication! **
October 30, 2007 Polling Tuesday post "Give Peace A Chance"

Mother of Invention ~ Spilling Out! ~ Ontario, Canada

Natalee ~ Just Gotta Hang On ~ Oklahoma ~ "I voted. Did you?"

Nessa ~ The Chysalis Stage ~New Jersey ~ I will spend the 24 hours from midnight to midnight on that day practicing peace. I will not call other drivers assholes. I will even refrain from pointing out the really stupid mistakes that my new co-worker makes every two seconds even though she says she the best thing since white bread. And if I happen to go into Wal-Mart, I will not make disgusted faces at the excruciatingly slow and lazy people that work there. I know, just call me Mahatma.

Obsidian Kitten ~ Perry, Michigan ~ "It's more difficult to be for something, because then you have to come up with creative solutions for problems and work toward those, rather than just rail against all the wrongs--which is easy because problems tend to be so self-evident and, well, anyone can rant and rave and wave a sign in the air. (I get angry and wave my arms around a lot.)....So now I'm not quite as busy hating the war, despising Bush, being disgusted with the whole situation--it all really was wearing me out. I'm just trying to focus on peace. Dona nobis pacem. You go, Mimi.Peace, my friends. And blessed be."

Odat's Mumblings ~ Grant Us Peace ~New York, New York ~ Peace....a small but powerful word that I feel inspires smiles everytime I say it...and I say it a lot. Sometimes people look at me like I'm crazy but that's ok. So I'm keeping it simple today too.......

Opinion Minions~ Cape Town, South Africa ~ "C'mon everybody, let's GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!"

Parlancheq ~ Massachusetts ~When the power of love overcomes the love of power
the world will know peace.
~Jimi Hendrix~

Patti ~ Connecticut ~ Late Bloomer Boomer ~ "Let There Be Peace. It was a peaceful and quiet day in our household, and I hope yours was the same," writes Patti. "Our family was all together. .... So I finally did something I had been thinking about doing for awhile: I put a peace globe on my blog. **

Peanut, Peanut Butter....Jelly2! ~Peanutville, Michigan ~ If we could only have peace........

Peggy, As she Is....~ Peggy's Musings ~New England ~What kind of world do we wish to pass on to our children? To our grandchildren?I want it to be a peaceful one.

Peter Haslam ~ Necessary Skills ~ North York, ON Canada ~ "At first it was a single voice singing into the silence. Then from the shadows another voice joined to be a duet. Slowly voices joined one by one until it was heard around the world. Not realistic you might say. Maybe so but I want to be one of the voices singing out to pierce the darkness of fear and violence.
How about you?" **

Pet Prayer & Praise ~ Cats Kat and Mary Lyn, Home of the praying cats (who also blog for peace)

Polliwog's Pond ~ Thirteen Steps to Participate in BlogBlast For Peace ~ St. Juan's Island ~ Washington state **

Portfolio Reeholio ~Rhys Postlewaight ~ New Zealand

Princess Shin ~Cherry, Plum, Peach and Damson blossoms ~ Selangor Malaysia ~nonviolence is a way of life in which one resolves, “Let me be the one to change first.” If this spirit were to be embraced, how much more at peace would our families and society itself be.

Prometheus ~ The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes ~ India ~ DiggingTunnels with Plastic Spoons ~ A peace post you don't want to miss or This or This

Quilldancer ~ A Day In the Life ~ United States ~ Each and every one of us is an instrument of world peace.

Reeholio ~ A World of Bloggers ~ New Zealand ~Today is the day we forget our troubles, put down our guns, open our doors and make peace.

Rocky the Gutter Cat ~ Rocky's Ramblings ~ an awesome globe

Rose DesRochers ~World Outside My Window and founder of Today's Woman Writing Community
Ruth Speaks Up ~ Dayton, Ohio ~ It's always the right time to spread peace.

Sadie, Sadie,Married Lady ~ Mempis, Tennessee

Sammawow ~ Samantha the Cat ~ China Cat and Willow ~ Missouri and Sammawow's Christmas Post 2006

Sanni ~ Coffee2Go (Do They Know It's Christmastime)~ Germany ~I feel it. A rumble in my tummy...We can do this. We can make a difference. We can be heard. We will. There is a big, wonderful world ust begging to be taken by storm. Be ready.
And we were ready.

Secret Sara ~ Twenty-Three and Counting ~ Minnesota ~ Quoting from "A Life Uncommon" by Jewel

Skeezix the Cat ~ Skeezix's Scratching Post ~ Castro Valley, CA and his hilarious Christmas 2006 Peace post. It's snowing!

Skittles' Place

~ Barb ~ Michigan ~Let there be Peace on EarthAnd let it begin with me.
Sonny ~ Sweet Like Kitty ~ Germany ~Frohe Weihnachten

Sparky Dog ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom ~ Dona Nobis Pacem 2007 ~ written by a 10-year-old

Sparky Duck~ Philly Transplant ~ Philadephia, PA

Spooker the Cat ~ Purrchance to Dream ~Michigan

Star ~ The Friendliest Flower ~United States ~Wishing the world peace today and always.

Studio Susie Says....~ Petaluma, California ~ home of energetic feline muses Kimo and Sabi. Cats have stuff to say too!

Sultana Fling ~Annelisa ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom

Sunflower Optimism ~New York ~It will take time and effort to achieve peace in the world. But meanwhile, we can try to achieve peace in our hearts and in our towns.

Susan ~ My Space ~ Los Angeles

Tammy ~ Kentucky Gal ~ Among Friends ~ Ohio ~If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.~(Mother Teresa)~Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27~The Holy Bible
Terra Shield ~ The Secret Backup Blog ~ Malaysia ~ We Want Peace! sung to the tune of We Want Fun! by Andrew W.K. **
That Frolicsome Kid ~ Soliloquies Exposed
The Audball ~ Hardly Subtle ~ A non-political election day post ~ US
The Cat Blogosphere ~ An awesome post by those unbelievable cats!*
The Cats Stephens ~ Abby, Percy, Eliot & Emily ~ South Carolina ~ Such lovely cats and a peaceful place to hang out. Purrrr.....
The Famous Five ~ (cats, that is!) Wellington, New Zealand
The Official Site: BlogBlast For Peace ~ Mimi Lenox ~ United States
The Rat's Nest ~ Feline Frisky ~ Central Florida
The Random Blog ~ Tina ~ East Sussex, United Kingdom
The Screaming Pages ~ Edmonton Alberta, Canada ~.... If social connections exist and what we write has power, why can’t a group of people posting a similar graphic calling for peace - whatever the word peace means to you - wield similar power?
I’m joining Mimi in her quest today in the hopes that she will find answers to her questions. Perhaps along the way I’ll also find my own.
The Witch Doctor Is In ~ Lexa Rosean ~Magick for Peace
The Zoo ~ A kitty from Nashville, Tennessee
Tiggerprr's Scratching Post ~ What better day to have a Blogblast for Peace than today? No matter your beliefs, it should be heartening to join with fellow bloggers aroung the globe to promote peace at a time when so many can’t seem to find any.
Tisha ~ Crazy Working Mom ~ Makes a plea for Mommy Bloggers and writes "We can spread the word, one blog at a time. I'm just doing my part." And so she is.**
Tom ~ The Creativity Blog ~ Virginia ~ Inspiration: The Peace Globe Initiative ~Odd, but as I have thought about what to write today, what has struck me is the peace in my own life, how for the most part a life that is largely in turmoil, has become more peaceful, just by focusing on peace. That should tell us something. It's what we focus on that changes what we see and what we do.
Tom ~ A Day After The Peace Blogs ~ Did it change anything? Well, it changed me. I'd bet it changed some of the others who took part as well. And that's a start. You never know, when you plant a garden, which seeds will grow and which ones will fall fallow. But you plant anyway.
Topchamp ~ Bad Jokes and Oven Chips ~ Glasgow, Scotland
Topics from 192 Countries ~ This blog is a good start in breaking down the barriers between our countries - We are communicating.
Travis ~ Trav's Thoughts ~ The fab Trav posted a banner and globe in his sidebar. I love it when a plan comes together.
Turnbaby ~ And as The World Turns ~Lexington, Kentucky ~To have peace---real peace---we have got to bring it from the ground up. We all have to believe it is possible. And exercising your right and responsiblity to vote is a very necessary part of that process.
Turnbaby ~ For my sister, Laura....she knows peace now.
Twyla ~ Lost in the Battle ~Nova Scotia, CA
Twyla's "Imagine" post
Vinnie G ~ Bitter Cup of Joe
Wendz ~ A Baguette on My Table ~ France ~ "It has to start somewhere."
What a Good Cat! ~ wishing the world Dona Novis Pacem
William The Old Fart ~Calgary, Alberta Canada ~What a wonderful world. And what a wonderful this place would be if everyone lived by this one world.
Wolfbaby ~ Dreaming and Believing
WTIT Tape Radio Blog ~ Bud Weiser ~ New England ~ All We Are Saying...Is Give Peace A Chance
YTSL ~ Webs of Significance ~ Penang, Malaysia ~Yaxlich ~ The World of Yaxlich ~ England ~Yaxlich may be a little slow and a bit naive but even he knows that a few hundred people posting the same message across the internet isn't going to stop war and conflict. What it might do, though, is make people stop and think. That's all he asks.Maybe next year a few hundred will become a few thousand. Maybe the year after it will be tens of thousands. Maybe the year after a million. Who knows?
Zero Impact: Impact of a Soul ~ I will take this step
To do my part
To shout it out
Grant us peace
Dona nobis pacem
Adding daily......I think I need a secretary